July 27, 2007

Bugaboo Has Snow Tires??


I guess I've been too busy dreaming up ways to smuggle 1,500 Bugaboo Bees into a Philippine prison to notice, but DT reader KS points out that there are snow tires available for all the Bugaboo models [i.e., the Cameleon, Frog, and Gecko (RIP)].

They're like slightly smaller versions of the inflatable rear tires, and when you put them on, you lose most of the pivoting radius, but I guess these would be pretty good to have.

Or would they? Anyone actually use these things yet? I can't actually find them for sale anywhere.

To be honest, when we went out in the snow and slush, we always just flipped the handlebar so that the big tires were leading. It was a little different handling dynamic, but it got us around Manhattan, at least, just fine.

Bugaboo Snow Tires [bugaboo.com > accessories]


Have to agree. For two winters now, we just flip the bugaboo and it handles just fine, even through the blizzard. Granted, it takes a great deal of effort, but it's not about the tire treads but rather that the non-pivot wheels go first. It looks like the snow tires basically for a non-pivot action on the front tires.

Unless they cost $15, not really worth the hassle.

I walk my son 20 mins to my mom's before heading to work every day, and I never even flipped our Frog handlebar in the winter - it handled ok in light snow and slush. For the really heavy stuff where the plows make 2 foot hills on unshoveled NYC corners, I literally shoved it through. It kinda just moved through like a sled.
I just had my second kid and we bought the Jane Powertwin. I hate it already and am thinking with great dread about the winter weather. It's going to suck and I'm going to miss the Bug. A lot.

These have been out in Europe since last year and theya are needed in some places, just not in NYC or such. Think Northern Europe, for example.

[of course, without them, you have to leave your kid on the balcony for naps, but with them, you can drive him way out into the yard. brilliant! -ed.]

They came out in March here in Sweden (northern Europe). I've heard about a lot of people buying them, but I've never seen them IRL, except in stores. Then again, with the climate changing and everything, we hardly ever get snow here anymore. They don't swivel.

I had a look for these for you, and seems there are a lot of UK sites selling them but none for the USA. You want me to get you some?

Bugaboo just released an update to retailers that the snow tire's debut in the US is being pushed back until next year. I'm Shocked;) You?

I have them. Here in Norway most people stroll around with 20 kg. strollers with no steering, so this is a lightweight version anyway. it is true that the bugaboo does great on most surfaces, but on wet snow the winterwheels make it roll, so that you don't have to shove it forwards. I kind of like that in a stroller!

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