July 27, 2007

Your Baby Industrial Complex At Work: Dorel Launches Maxi-Cosi, Kitchen Sink, In US

While we've loved--and hated and grown to like--the Maxi-Cosi car seats we bought from Europe, I'll be the first to admit, I've dropped the ball on covering the arrival of the multinational conglomerate Dorel's US launch of its highly regarded...
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Tempest In A D-Cup: Fighting Over There Vs. Over Here Edition

Dateline: Fort Bragg, North Carolina - After a single, anonymous complaint, a mother of three who has breast-fed all her kids in the food court of an Army-owned minimall where she's worked for seven years, was told to stop...
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No, Wait, I've Got It: Bugaboo Banzai

If they can stand to stick around that long, regular readers will know that my awakening to the minimalist awesomeness that is was the Bugaboo Gecko can be pinpointed to the Spring, around the discovery of the Gecko with...
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Bugaboo Has Snow Tires??

I guess I've been too busy dreaming up ways to smuggle 1,500 Bugaboo Bees into a Philippine prison to notice, but DT reader KS points out that there are snow tires available for all the Bugaboo models [i.e., the...
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BCB: It's Short For B-Class BS

Mercedes Benz USA CEO Ernst Lieb tells Bloomberg that the company "is designing a version of its Mercedes-Benz B-Class car for sale in North America for the first time." Great news! Unless you're Canadian, in which case you've been...
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