July 25, 2007

I'm Not Enlightened Enough To Know What To Do With This Awesome, Buddha Stamp-Filled Pilgrim Scroll

It doesn't really matter, because it's already sold, but for some reason, this scroll just seems spectacular to me. Part of it's purely aesthetic, because the simple inkstamped cotton technique is so simple. Part of it's the content and...
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Two Grandmothers' Names, Both Alike In Dignity

I guess for some people in the world's more creative cultures, unpronounced accents on names are like Nutella on crepes: there's no such thing as too much. For example, British pop singer Peter Andre thought his first daughter with his...
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B Is For Be-Ins: The Silkscreened Alphabets Of Sister Mary Corita Kent

There's no chance one blog post can do justice to the silkscreen work of Sister Mary Corita Kent, an artist and nun who combined pop, modernism, collage and appropriated advertising, with poetry, inspirational and religious content, and social and...
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And Then They Put Their Kids Into Their Bugaboo Bees And Drove Away

The extraordinarily limber Ross Sisters singing about potato salad in a 1944 MGM Musical [youtube via foryourentertainment via boingboing] previously: Bug Bee Berkeley: Bugaboo Bee Music Video Now Online...
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