July 24, 2007

Axiss Of Swivel Threatens Old Europe's Way Of Car Seat Loading Life


I always knew those French were up to something. Bebe Confort, the rival to our own Amurcan Baby Industrial Complex, has released the Axiss swivelling car seat for Group 1, the EU standard for kids 9-36 months old and between 9-18 kg:

The arrival of Axiss from Bébé Confort marks a turning point in the world of in-car safety. Resolutely centred around the ease of putting your baby into its car seat, it meets the needs of parents who, every day, want to use a practical car seat whilst still ensuring high levels of safety and complete comfort for their child.
First off, I don't know what a kilogram is; did you make that up? Also, spellcheck, mon ami; it's "while." "Whilst" is a card game my grandma played. And another thing, I'd think the world had more than its fill of French Resolutions back in 1879; so don't be bringing it back up now.

Oh, and finally, America already gave the world a swivelling car seat: it's called the Orbit Baby System, and it clicks into place from any angle you want. If you all weren't so busy trying to scam $1.40 out of us for one of your silly little pieces of play money, you might have known that . That thing's worth a buck, take it or leave it.

Bébé Confort Axiss Group 1 Car Seat [bebeconfort.com via dt reader and hemmings man david]


I think there are a ton of swivel car seats available in Japan as well (Japanese car-seat industry motto: "Overdesigning and overprotecting your baby!") for use until the kids are old enough to stand up on their own, at which point it seems a lot of parents there just let them run freely around the car while in motion.

[and the boys sit in the front seat with dad, while the women ride in back. All those Marshmallow Pop J-Turn contraptions fold flat, fold upright, and pivot, you're right. -ed.]

Hey, "whilst" is perfectly good English! I think Whist is what your grandmother played. If you were joking, please forgive me.

Did you notice that it says from 9 months? Are they advocating putting a 9-month-old baby forward facing? Doubt it would sell well in Sweden.

[yep, that's the definition of Group 1 in ECE R44, the EU car seat regulations. Of course, it's kind of moot, because Group 0+ goes up to 13kg and 12 mos, and is probably the most commonly used infant seat category. And there are Group0+/1 seats that are convertible rear/forward-facing. So the likelihood of someone starting in a Group 1 at 9 mos is pretty low, unless the kid's just too big for a Group 0+. -ed.]

Quote/Doubt it would sell well in Sweden./Quote

Does it make any sense?
Btw - the Orbit infant system is crap.
And down with the dollar, a cheer for the euro from good "old" europe, ha ha.

[I guess everyone's expected to know that Sweden does not approve of front-facing car seats for kids

One of my favorite parts of our Orbit is the swivel. We got it for our third baby, so we don't use the actual system a lot since we are in doubles mode right now. It is so much easier to put a baby in the car seat facing you then turn it. I will definitely buy one of these when they come to America. I am anxious to meet the toddler car seat from Orbit also.

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