July 24, 2007

Some Anthropologist: No One In The History Of Civilization's Played With His Kids Before, Why Start Now?

According to a paper by Utah State University anthropologist David Lancy, tribespeople on the South Pacific island of Ifaluk "believe there's no point in talking to babies because they're "essentially brainless" until they turn two, so there's no reason for...
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Axiss Of Swivel Threatens Old Europe's Way Of Car Seat Loading Life

I always knew those French were up to something. Bebe Confort, the rival to our own Amurcan Baby Industrial Complex, has released the Axiss swivelling car seat for Group 1, the EU standard for kids 9-36 months old and...
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Baby Mama Drama: "Diddy Wrote A Song About It. Like To Hear it? Here It Goes."

Good news for all the dads out there whose baby mamas pack up and move across the country, taking their newborn twins, after they've been busted for hooking up with D-list actresses: Sean Combs has a new sympathy video for...
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The Babies Of Otakon 2007

Over the weekend, DT's Asian Culture Correspondent Haniel and I headed to Otakon 2007, the giant Anime and Japanese culture fan convention in Baltimore, to scout out anime artists [stay tuned for a roundup of the sweet finds]. We...
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