July 19, 2007

Once You Have Lack, You Never Go Back


No way, how much do I love MVRDV? The Rotterdam architecture firm just won the competition to build an extension to the city's Museum Boijmans van Beuningen that will house some public space, but also storerooms and archives for the collection.

Their design, which preserves the open space of the museum site, looks like an Ikea Lack side table. I only hope it's not made of pressed sawdust and glue shrinkwrapped in PVC.

MVRDV planen Museumserweiterung in Rotterdam [baunetz.de, google trans, via archinect] IKEA Lack side table, $14.99 [ikea.com]

Previously: Kid-sized Ikea Lack table is sweet, freaky-cheap; DIY Chalkboard Table w/Lack?

1 Comment

LOL-Never occurred to me I was on the cutting edge of kid playstuff, but now I know the LACK masquerading as my side table is really a playhouse! 2 uses for $14.99!!

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