July 18, 2007

Damn Earthquake Cuts Daddy Types Japanese TV Fame Short, Still At 15 Seconds


If only there hadn't been an earthquake and hundreds of injuries and several deaths and a fire in a nuclear power plant and a release of some sort of radiation cloud, my 15-second, on-the-phone interview about discovering the wooden toy awesomeness of Nakagawa Takeji's Take-G Toys on NHK's latenight TV show, Tsunagaru TV@Human [google trans] would have surely snowballed into a series of interview requests--several of which involve a troupe of synthesizer-playing, 3-year-old hillbillies--followed by some ridiculous game show appearances, which would lead to some baby-friendly energy drink endorsements--not to mention an invitation for the kid to be the first gaijin member of Little Bony's backup singers, Akihabara48. Eventually, I would have opened up Taco Club, my own chain of baja-style fish taco restaurants with an octopus for a mascot [taco/tako, get it?]. All while ghost-publishing a series of parenting advice and kid design mooks that get treated as inexplicable collectibles at East Village vinyl toy boutiques, where they sit alongside my limited edition colabo Head Porter diaper bags.

Oh well, onto Plan B. At least it made Take-G famous. [google trans]
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Plus, you would've been invited to join the prison population at Riker's Island to be part of the next world's largest algorithm dance. (Although I'm not sure I'd want to be bending over in front of any of my fellow dancers...perhaps the quake was a blessing in disguise for you.)

[but I had the taco mascot all picked out and everything... -ed.]

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