July 11, 2007

DT Retail Scoutabout: Bugaboos And Space Shuttles Edition

image: Space Shuttle tray from Pecoware via superlocal's flickr stream

Some news, sales and rumours from the retail wing of the Baby Industrial Complex:

  • First, the bad news: DT reader Ndele reports that when he and his wife tried to buy a Bugaboo Gecko, the salesperson told them black would no longer be available. Is the Gecko being discontinued? Anyone know where I can get my hands on a dozen or so for a crazy strollertuning scheme of some kind or another? [They went with the green, btw.]
  • Now the good news, especially if you're Babystyle: DT reader Mai says that Babystyle.com and the stores will be getting the new Bugaboo Bee in August. The less cool kids will get a turn in September. [Less cool here = moves mad product, btw.] Also, we've heard it before, but $529.
  • Mod pioneers [and previous DT advertisers] modernseed are having a summer sale, both online and in their Oakland showroom. Dwell baby stuff and Eric Pfeiffer's own awesome Chip Chairs and Chalker Table are included. [We paid like $1000 for our handprints-covered Chip Chairs at the kid's preschool auction, so $115 is like 90% off for us. Your results may vary.]
  • Well, the first rule of Felt Club was don't talk about Felt Club. Only that meant that no one showed up to buy Mahar Dry Goods' crafty, felty goods. Or anyone else's for that matter. So this year, they're shouting it from the rooftops. Felt Club XL Summer is this Sunday, July 15th, in the Little Kiev section of LA somewhere. Melrose and Vermont. Details and ice cream rally points here. Look for Brad or Ed, but not both.
  • And finally, if you're looking for a way to fund your next Bugaboo purchase, you could do worse than buying a case of Space Shuttle dinnerware from Pecoware--Item #01724, includes shuttle-shaped tray, spoon and fork, plus a cup--for $19-23 apiece here or here, then reselling them on eBay for--hello!--$57, with shipping. Fortunately, the insane and unnecessary markups add to the authenticity. [image via flickr via andy]
    08/07 update: we bought one of these shuttle sets at the NASA HQ shop in Washington this morning. It's largely a piece of junk, but only a parent will notice that. It was just $14.75.

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