July 9, 2007

Whoa, Insane Vintage Stainless Steel O-L-I-V-E-R Letters On eBay


If you're on the fence about the name Oliver, maybe this will help settle things: there's a vintage Oliver Tractors sign for sale on eBay that's made of 3-D stainless steel letters, each 18" high. Un. Be. Lievable.

As Andy notes, "parents of Roe, Olive, Leo, Liv & Levi" should also take note. I would invite the parents of Evil to particpate as well, if only because we'll need all the help we can get to keep these letters out of the hands of voracious tractor collectors.

update: AJ points out that parents who named their baby Rove might also want to bid. Of course, if they don't win, they'll find some way to steal the letters anyway.

result: sold to a dude named Oliver for $306. congrats!

Vintage Oliver Tractor Stainless Steel Sign Letters 18", auction ends July 14 [ebay via storkbitesman, Seriously, Andy has some kind of e(Bay)SP or something. How does he find this stuff?]


If you're going with the EVIL theme, why not spell out ROVE? Remove his eyeglasses and he kind of looks like a big evil baby. Turn the V around and you could spell OIL ERA, or maybe LIAR. Using babies to make political statements is so hot right now.

[LOLOL I guess there are lines my subconscious wouldn't let me cross. -ed.]

Holy cow, those letters are awesome. We have always liked the name Genevieve (the French pronunciation). We would use Vie (also French, sounds like V) for short. I could never use those letters though. They are too perfect and it would be a shame to split them up.

[don't split them up; maybe the next kid will be named Rol. -ed.]

Can't I go just one day without hearing that Karl Freakin' Rove and/or Bush are the cause for anything wrong in the entire world? Hell, I read this crap to see what other dads are doing not to continue the bombardment of how much Bush and company are hated/despised/disagreed with/loathed/etc, etc.

Yeah, its your blog and you can write what you want and my opinion doesn't matter but just think about it. You just mixed in "... if they don't win, they'll find some way to steal the letters anyway." with a post about tractor letters for sale on eBay.

I'm not happy with the current administration either but I guess I just have reached my limit on all this crap.

[As a registered Republican, I sympathize, man. I'd be pissed if he suckered me into voting for him, too. Never mind the opinion, the facts on the elections are clear, but whatever. The other facts: Rove has been mentioned exactly three times on this website: apr06: complain about the whiny liberalism of "make babies cry" photographer Jill Greenberg; mar06: a study showing whiny Berkeley kids grow up to be conservatives; and jul07 : an explanation of not swearing because ignoring even the Ten Commandments is what I'd expect a Rove Republican would teach his kid. If that counts as bombardment, then I accept full responsibility--which, as GWB has demonstrated, means I'll just keep doing what I damn well please. heh. Sorry about that one, I couldn't resist. -ed.]

OMG, you're a registered republican? You just broke my heart in two! I was just going to write a la di da comment about getting these letters for my kid named oliver--a bare bones clever-free remark and instead I find out this! I'm floored and devastated!!!! What if turns out that all my other most beloved bloggers are republicans? Is this like internet dating and where people find out all the guys are short? Are you a right wing republican like that? I'm so confused!!!!

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