July 9, 2007

I've Never Been So Happy In My Whole Life. Now I Have A Place To Put My xB


Jalopnik reader Hernan snapped some photos of a 2009 Ford Flex maxi minivan test car prowling the empty streets of San Anton. From these pics, though, I can't tell if the xB slides in the back or nests underneath, but I'm hoping it's the latter, so you don't have to move the stroller and stuff.

Spy Photos: 2009 Ford Flex [jalopnik]


Interesting. Do you have any idea what the gas mileage is? We are in the market for a new car and we are thinking about getting the Toyota Hylander Hybrid that's supposed to be out Aug/Sept.


[the Flex press release makes almost no mention of fuel efficiency; it certainly doesn't flaunt it as a selling point. The engine's a 260hp v6. I thought there was already a Highlander Hybrid. -ed.]

Fuel economy I'm sure won't be great; my parents have an Edge, which is smaller but uses the same engine, and it averages (overall) 22. Not bad for what it is, but not terrific.

There is a new Highlander coming out. Should be bigger, heavier and less fuel efficient than the current one, as with all Toyotas (have you peeped the weight gain on the new xB?)

Here's a thought--seriously. Check out the Taurus X, nee Freestyle. That thing has lots and lots of space (we'd easily put 6 adults in a Freestyle), is a pretty small external envelope (relatively), is lighter than most SUVs, and now finally has the 3.5L V6, so it has some guts. Gas mileage should be better than the Edge or Flex, and it's cheaper, too. Plus, it's available now.

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