July 6, 2007

Cool-But-Incomplete Toy Week Continues On eBay

A couple of otherwise promising toys on eBay seem to be missing a piece or two:


  • 1975 Creative Playthings AMERICAN INDIAN Little People, ends July 10th, starting bid: $10+$7.55s/h result: sold for $11.50+s/h

    This is the coolest of the CP Little People sets, but the little Indians have been turned into situational vegetarians by the absence of the cooking and meatdrying racks. And with no meat left in the camp, the coyote's run off, too. Unless you're a vegan, it seems a little steep already. [the last complete set went for $42, shipped. Crazy meateaters.]


  • Rare Gus Gutz Rumpus Kids Human Body Science Organs, ends July 10, opening bid: about $20 including s/h result: sold for $26+s/h

    This is the first toy I've seen from the Y2K dotcom-busted Rumpus in the two months since the company appeared on DT. This particular Gus Gutz dates from 2004 and still has the hangtags. But he has two gall bladders and two pancreases. And he's missing his lungs, kidneys, and spleen. Obviously, as the cash ran out, Rumpus dolls were forced to traffick in their own organs to make the rent. Very sad. Also, it has that over-didactic labeling motif. Very lame.

    Previously: Sweet CP Playsets O' The World
    Are toys from Y2K really vintage?


    That Gus Gutz is really bothering me.

    I had a Gus Gutz. He was a good friend. Used to go out clubbing with my friends. To parties and raves everywhere.

    People loved him. The sheer joy of seeing a happy clubber puling out his lungs and getting all excited that there was more to be found and identified.

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