July 6, 2007

AT-AT Stroller Dad Interview: The Thingamababy Strikes Back


What, another interview with the AT-AT strollermodding dad? Thingamababy's got a sitdown with Florida Star Wars fan and new dad Rick Russo, and it's just like ESB vs. SW: the sequel is definitely better. I'd go so far as to say AJ is on a T-16, and the Star Wars Blog interview is a womp rat back home.

You know, for example, that the kids-eye-view undersides of the Snowspeeder mobile were decorated with shapes and primary colors--well, AJ's got photos! And did you know Russo did the whole thing at night after everyone else went to bed? AJ and Russo put this example of fandom and gear tuning more clearly into the context of new and involved fatherhood. You might even say that, in this episode, we learn who Reed's father really is.

This sequel also marks the historic first appearance of Baby Fett: the Onesie [-style bodysuit]. Looks like you have to go off the Skywalker Ranch to find any decent babygear; there's a bunch of Star Wars Onesies [sic] on eBay, including a lot of crap and "exclusives" from the Old Navy for Mall Skanks, Hot Topic.

Russo's Baby Fett design is similar to the Jedi Academy and Imperial Clone versions on Baby Ink NYC's eBay Store. Goodlooking stuff, maybe you can order some.

And what's up next for the newly famous Russo? I predict another good interview somewhere to tie up loose ends, followed by several years hiatus. Then he'll give two mindblowingly horrible and/or boring interviews about his childhood for the sole purpose of sucking up all our money, and then one last, decent chat to placate the torch-carrying mob trying to set fire to the CGI barn.

Star Wars Geek Represents New Era Of Fatherhood [thingamababy]
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