July 5, 2007

Readme Animal T-shirts By Biome5


Printing text on a t-shirt that's meant to be read from the wearer's point of view is not new, but it's almost always adorable. When it's combined with the alphabet in a chunky, clean typeface and animal photos, it's actually kind of cool. That's what the architect designers behind the Biome5 animal alphabet project t-shirts have done. I think it works, if for no other reason than the animal focus means that, for once, N is not for 'nest,' but newt. [X is for xenops, a rainforest bird in the Americas. I had no idea.]

Warning: savannah watering hole sounds at launch: Biome5 animal alphabet t-shirts for toddlers, $32 [biome5.com via notcot]


I think I'll take this opportunity to regurgitate a line my dad used to say to us when he found something a little overpriced. "$32? Is it made of gold?!"

Seriously, though, I know they're supposed to be organic, tagless and not sullied by the hands of forced child labor, but $32 for a t-shirt that's going to be outgrown within a month and have various bodily fluids, meals and playground grime on it within two minutes of putting it on? $32?!

And from the "Hello, Mr. Obvious!" department, there's this line from their site, "We recommend the larger size if your child is between measurements as our t-shirts are made to fit." Heck, for $32 I'd recommend the adult size so your child can wear it to college, too.

For more "X is for Xenops" art, check out Tiffany Ard's great set of Nerd Baby flashcards.

[also here on dt, though I didn't read down as far as x. -ed.]

so "bear" is upside down but the big "B" is not?
isnt' that confusing?

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