July 5, 2007

Kidsmodern Euro Crib Prototype Smorgasbord

Kidsmodern has a sweet-looking trio of cribs, so sweet it's hard to remember the time just a couple of years ago when it was Oeuf-way, Netto-way, or the highway, baby, for modern crib design.

That said, one of the beds featured is the streamlined Culla Bella cradle/co-sleeper concept that won a practical design award, even though its most prominent design feature--a rounded ply bottom--means it can't stand up by itself.


The other two are prototypes which have crossed over from renderings into the real world, but which still haven't made it all the way to actual, buyable products--yet. Still, they put the candy in crib candy.

First up: the Koselig crib/co-sleeper, which Line Numme made for a neighbor. It has simple ply ends and canvas side panels. The panel drops down and fits under the parents' mattress, transforming the crib into a safety net-equipped co-sleeper.


The M/V Kinderbed, meanwhile, is nominally available from its top-heavy Dutch design team: Huib Muilwijk, Richard Hutten, Ann Maes, Arnout Visser, and Joost Zwarte. Sounds like a lot of cooks in the kitchen, but the result is interesting and slick. I know it doesn't look it, but I think those side opening slots are within the US CPSC-mandated 2.75" maximum width. Still, it's only available to order, and only for European customers. Price: €785.

3 new beds which turn your kid into a late riser [kidsmodern.com]
Previously Culla Bella wobbles,won't not fall down

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The M/V crib is also available for US costumers. Only the shipping cost will make it more expensive.

H. Muilwijk

[thanks for the info, and congratulations on the piece! -ed]

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