July 3, 2007

Detacho Modular Doll House For Modular Families


The simple, clean appearance of Ben Forman's Detacho doll house system belies a very sophisticated, flexible pedagogical program. It's designed to acommodate a variety of different family scenarios: separated, single, or divorcing parents; "casual" and "office" parents; new step-parents; extended family living, same-sex parents, you name it.

Hell, buy a few extra of the purposely genericized wooden dolls, and you could even recreate the scenario where the kid spends weekends with you, and the rest of the time with her mother, who's providing breast milk to some vegan commune in Berkeley.

The little parent dolls have magnetic heads and reversible hairdo's, so when they're smiling, they attract; when they're frowny, they repel. Just like when your ex packs the kid up to live with a bunch of hippie dairy farmers.

Detacho Playhouse System by Ben Forman Design [benformandesign.co.uk via andy of storkbitesman, d'oh thanks for the link fix, matt]

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