July 3, 2007

Boys Named Anakin: They're So Cute When They're Little


Hello, adorable little one-year-old photographed wearing a Wookie costume at the Disney-MGM Star Wars Weekend, what's your name? Oh. And what would you like to be when you grow up? And how does having your older brother dressed as Luke on Dagobah affect Canonicity? Because in Episode V it turns out that, well, you'll just have to see it for yourself someday.

The Kapusta family Stephen, Anakin, Else, & Noah, as photographed by Matt Stroshane for the AJC and the Star Wars Blog [ajc.com, flickr]

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Aside from his unfortunate name, isn't this some sort of child abuse?! A wookie costume in May in Florida!?!?! My kids were sweating in February in Florida, and I sure as heck didn't dress them as small furry creatures from arguably the worst movies series EVER.

With that said, my husband thinks it's awesome and still wishes we had another son so he could name him Anakin, we already have a Luke (Lukas) and he thought it would be great. Freak.

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