June 28, 2007

Your Kid's Nursery Needs A "Dope 5-Headed Star Wars Themed Mural" ASAP


iPhones are yesterday's news; the drop you really want to make tomorrow is the Plasticgod Ningyo at SURU, the indie toy temple of dope on Melrose.

In advance of the release party, reports Vinylpulse, Pgod "spent four days transforming the wall outside SURU into a dope 5 headed Star Wars themed totem mural." They have a photoset and time-lapse video of the creation. Is it immediately obvious only to me that that is exactly what a kid's room needs? I mean, red yellow blue green, right? Day-um.

Plasticgod is known for his incredible Heads series of minifig-styled portraits of the idols of our time, everyone from Ace Frehley to ZZ Top. The 4x4 and 4x7-inch canvas versions available on his website are larger than life-size--if you're a minifig. He also does commissions. Let's hope he does wall decals soon.

Plasticgod Mural and Ningyo @ SURU (6.29.07) [vinylpulse.com]
Plasticgod: Your 21st century Warhol [plasticgod.com]

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