June 28, 2007

Daddy Types Not Too Fat For PC World Magazine


Thanks to the folks who've emailed, and thanks to the demonstrably virile editors of PC World. Seems Daddy Types has some fans in ol' cubefarm; it was the only parenting- or kid-related title on their list of "100 Blogs We Love." Considering the number of tech titles on the list, I'm tempted to make up a "PC World 55 Blogs We Know That Aren't About Computers" t-shirt for myself.

And in other magazine industry news, the editors of Cookie Magazine took turned their attention from airbrushing the baby fat from their coverbabies and have pulled together a Sites We Love list, too, which is chock full of great kid design companies and shops, both online and off. Their token kid-related blog is Apartment Therapy, by the way.

100 Blogs We Love [pcworld.com via dt readers John, Jon, Jason, Jason--hey, I bet I could get $50 for this list!]

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