June 27, 2007

Will The Other Owner Of The M-B R63 Please Raise Your Hand? Your Car Is Being Discontinued.


It appears Seal's efforts to shore up sales of high-performance Mercedes not-a-minivans have failed. The company announced they are discontinuing the most ridiculous car they've ever offered, the AMG-tuned, twin turbo 503hp V8 version of the R-Class, the R63, effective immediately.

Efforts to sell the second- through fifth-most ridiculous cars they've ever made--the other R-Class models, and the GL-class luxotank--will inexplicably continue.

Mercedes-Benz dropping the R63 AMG [motorauthorit.com via dt reader jj daddy-o]
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1 Comment

I'm not sure the R63 is any more ridiculous than the Paris Hilton Edition slushbox supercar SLR.

But, FWIW, the R63 has the ubiquitous normally aspirated 6.2L V8, not the truly loopy twin-turbo V12. In Mercedes-world, such a vehicle would be the R65 AMG, and it would be very, very good.

[personally, i'd rather see an E65 AMG Wagon, but thanks for the correction. and you're right about the PHE, too. the lack of car seat space blocked it from my mind. -ed.]

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