June 27, 2007

Any Car As Long As It's Venetian Green


On the way to dinner last night, the kid and I saw a VW Touareg coming out of a parking garage that was so deep-dark green it was almost black. I decided we had to wait and ask the driver what color it was as she pulled out. The answer: Venetian Green, which has been a Touareg color option since 2004.


It's the sweetest car color I've seen since the greys of the Audi TT [the original Nimbus Grey of the Neiman Marcus edition is great, but it can't touch the sublime flatness of the Aviator Grey.]

Unfortunately, the TT doesn't have LATCH, and I'm not really a Touareg fan. All I can do is wait for someone to make a Venetian/Aviator foam tile playmat, and we'll be in business. [image: audittcca.com]


I always thought the seat belts were safer than LATCH for a carseat, anyway.

Speaking of cool car colors, Saab had a "Dolphin Grey" color as an option a few years ago which I always loved. It was kind a flat grey color like the Audi "Aviator Grey" with a bit of a blueish tone to it. But the local dealer here told me that the color was a flop and they've since gone back to more convential tints.

[nice. There's a pic at Edmunds.com. reminds me a bit of an old Porsche color called Persian Blue, but lighter, obviously. -ed.]

I loved the Saab 9-3's Dolphin Grey, which only existed for one model year.

I always referred to the TT as submarine grey. Would of bought one if the convertible had the head room.

Why not buy whichever car you want and have it repainted?

[oh. -ed.]

Our first generation (the good kind) Honda CR V it a similar black dark green. Sometimes it looks blue on cloudy days.

The grey TT? No way. It looks like Bondo. And this is Tennessee, so the Bondo-look TT just kinda blends in with all sorts of other Bondo-look cars. If you're going to cough up that much scratch for a car, don't buy a Bondo-colored one.

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