June 26, 2007

Genius Jones-ing for Friends With You T-Shirts


It looks a bit like the early Mr. TTT Burger, but probably not. If I had my Friends With You monograph handy, I'd be able to tell you who that mouselike character on the front of Genius Jones' exclusive FWY kid's t-shirt is. Or maybe that's what makes it so exclusive: you have to buy one to know. [Or maybe it's the fact that you can't buy it online, only in the Miami kids store's real-life locations.]


There's an adult FWY T, too, modelled here by GJ warehouse manager--and new dad--Matt. [Yes, I was fed this delicious item by the Geniuses themselves. You think I've been to Miami in the last week?]

Friends With You kid and adult t-shirts, offline only at Genius Jones [geniusjones.com]


Hey Dady Types!
Your blog was nominated on our site for best blog name!
Check it out!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

Not to make with the negative waves, I kinda like
their t-shirt designs. Most things on their site seem pretty reasonable,
but they are selling a fricking kids Grateful Dead t-shirt for $76.00.


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