June 26, 2007

Ceci N'est Pas Un $100,000 Sock Monkey


So you have a teaching aid for helping the kid understand why Joseph Beuys whispered to a dead rabbit's ear. If only there was some cuddly way of explaining Mike Kelley's equally iconic 1989 sculpture, Estral Star [above], which sold at Christie's in London last week for $96,000.

Because I'm drawing a blank. Oh wait, never mind. It's signed. On the art shelf with you, pal.

Mike Kelley, Estral Star, 1989, Handsewn stuffed cloth animal, signed, 48,000 BP (95,636 US$) PREMIUM [christies/artnet]
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Say Hello to Mike Kelley's Little Friend, a freakin' bargain at just $200

1 Comment

Maybe it's stuffed with Krugerrands....

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