June 25, 2007

Geckos At Glastonbury

glastonbury_bugaboo.jpgKeep this scenario in mind before you a la carte your Bugaboo. Because it totally could happen!:

You decide to take your four-month-old kid to the Glastonbury Music Festival. Though you planned ahead and got his little ear-protecting headphones, a few days before the festival, it pours rain, and you realize that, because you wanted to save fifteen bucks, you don't have a rain cover for your Gecko.

Fortunately, it didn't happen to the Jeavans family. While daddy Stu was slogging through ankle-deep mud and changing diapers on the bar, mama Christine was busy writing up the adventure for the BBC. Finn seemed to enjoy himself, sleeping all the way through Iggy Pop's set.

Babies in the mud [bbc.co.uk]


Now this is where I have to question the intelligence of the Bugaboo owner. Is this not like buying a nice Lexus Sedan and then attempting to take it off road? Isn't that when you buy, nay rent (since they aren't that great for anything else) a jeep wrangler???

We have an Expedition Jogger at about 1/5th the cost that handled beautifully on the beach. It just makes much more since for the dirt and the mud...

[But Bugaboos are supposed to be taken offroad, it's the whole point. I was thinking they should've put it in wheelbarrow mode, which is perfect for the beach, but then I figured they were right not to; nowhere to put the handle down. And I swear, Rachel, I'm not baiting you by putting so many Bugaboo stories up. -ed.]

A tent set up for diaper changes AND the author doesn't namedrop the "buggy"'s brand name. Awesome.

[i know, impressive^2, right? must be that Gecko demographic -ed.]

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