June 24, 2007

Going, Going, Gone: Kids Eames, Japanese Dump Trucks, Community Playthings On eBay

Here are a few interesting-looking kid-related finds on eBay at the moment:


  • Charles Eames Childs Arm Shell Herman Miller CHAIR, ends Jun 29, currently $10+18 s/h
    When we last saw our mysterious child-sized, Eames-looking fiberglass shell chairs, their mod-savvy eBay seller speculated they were made for a display or trade show. Someone else thought so, too, because they went for about $4-600 apiece. This chair, meanwhile, shows the legs, which were attached straight to the shell with fiberglass patches, not bolted via rubber bushings like the grown-up versions. I'd really like to hear what an Eames expert has to say about these; but then, they might be too busy snaping them up for $30 to take any questions.

  • japanese_wood_dumptruck.JPG

    VINTAGE 50'S JAPAN WOOD BLOCK TOY TRUCK EAMES ERA ends in 2 hrs [!!], currently $10+8 s/h

    I know what you're thinking; Vintage wooden toy, mid-century modern kid's design, Japan, I should know at least something about this streamlined wooden dump truck. OK, here are two things: those inlaid racing stripes are a nice touch, and I'd want to fix that poking-out steering wheel column before letting the kid play with it. How's that? In my defense, though, no one else seems to have known anything about it, either, or it might have had a bid by now.

    As for the beautiful maple box-on-wheels that was the vintage Community Playthings Cargo Van, it turns out I was too late even for the photo. Now I can't find the listing anywhere. [thanks mark and andy]

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