June 22, 2007

The Night Max Wore His Wolf Suit And Made Movies Of One Kind


Yes, movie publicists, I will eagerly publish even just one "leaked" still--as long as it's from an adaptation of a classic children's book by a director whose involvement offers at leaset the possibility that it might not be automatically doomed to failure. [cf. Curious George, Cat In Hat, Polar Express, &c., &tc., &tc.]

Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are, directed by Spike Jonze [via towleroad]

update: For the WtWTA fans out there, DT reader Tas sends in an ancient CG animation test of a scene in Max's bedroom, directed by future Pixar founder John Lasseter, from the days Disney owned the rights. Also, here's an animated telling of the book, with drawings by Sendak himself, as read by the annoyingly exuberant Peter Schikele. At least it wasn't Garrison Keillor. [Sorry, Dutch]

update update: for the WtWTA fanatics, here are home movies of the Sendak-themed Entertainment Experience/Restaurant at the woeful Sony Metreon in SF, which managed to both suck and blow at the same time. It closed in 2004. I guess we should be watching eBay for the props to turn up. [there are six segments in total.]


Oh, I am so thrilled that this will be coming out when my kid is actually old enough to sit through it in a theater... the still looks awesome, hopefully it is a good indicator...

Wait, are you saying Curious George was doomed to failure? Or, it wasn't? I'm not sure I'm understanding you.

[not that I've seen it, but the 3D, and the skateboardy antics of the trailers doomed it in my purist mind. that said, it seems movie-from-children's-book seems like a doomed concept. -ed.]

What're you saying Curious George was doomed? My girls loved it, there's not one princess in it, and Jack Johnson scored it. What's the problem?

If you make a Curious George movie and you don't use an actual monkey, then yeah, you've doomed it.

[that's a pretty high bar. Who's the Man With The Yellow Hat? Matt LeBlanc? Jason Alexander? Clint Eastwood?]

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