June 21, 2007

Whatever Happened To Rosemary's Bugaboo?


So the Bugaboo roaming the streets on its own picks up the other stroller, they start humping, and then it starts getting weird. For what it's worth, the Bugaboo appears to be the active partner.

Bug-a-boo by Jacco Musper [youtube via anon]


Whomever this Jacco Musper person is, he has way too much time on his hands.

eeeeeewww that's kind of disturbing...I was looking for the little blue and red stroller offspring!! Instead I now have Bugaboo=strollerserialkiller in my head and it will probably remain in my head forever. Hard not to imagine an evil baby in the Bugaboo.
And what was the motivation?

Actually, this kind of reminds me of that movie Demon Seed from the 70's.

All I can think anytime I see an older baby riding in a Bugaboo is that they look uncomfortable... precariously perched on the edge of disaster one might say. Simply put, couldn't that $900 investement come with a roomier seat!?

The video was disturbing too.

[obviously the real problem is the stroller is possessed. -ed]

I love this film, ok it's a little disturbing in a whole, bugaboo is evil and will take over the world and all your lives kinda way, but who cares, it's a pretty cool bit of film, very clever, and the bug took over my life a fair bit ago


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