June 20, 2007

Your Spear And Magic Helmet? Knitting Needles And Magic Helmet, Actually

knit_viking_hat.jpg whats_opera_doc.jpg

Knit the helmet! Knit the helmet!

Oh mighty warrior t'will be quite a task
How will you do it, might I enquire to ask?

I will do it with this kit from Bella Knitting!
This kit from Bella Knitting?
Kit from Bella Knitting!
Bella Knitting?
Bella Knitting!

Baby Viking Knit Kit, available in Bugs or Fudd versions, $24.50 [bellaknitting.com via craftzine]


That rocks in so very many ways... too bad my only knitting project ended during my last pregnancy- a scarf that made it to about eight inches long... whoops.

I am imagining how great this would be to give to the Opera lover in your life.

I've seen very similar ones at the Parc Asterix theme park in France.

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