June 18, 2007

Single Dose Bubbles From Germany


These are awesome. Bubbles without the bottle. Three packs and a wand are $9 in SoHo at Kiosk, the incredible concept store by the same folks who brought us Salvor Fauna.

Kiosk scours a particular country for beautiful, unusual, and useful examples of everyday design, then buys up a bunch for sale in NYC at pretty normal prices. This quarter, it's Germany.

Tubingen Bubble Bags, 3-pack, $9 [kioskkiosk.com via pan-dan]


Interesting concept that store. I am not quite sure, though, how they can justify those prices ($9 for three bags of one-time bubble blowers? $10 for a box of white chalk? $12 for a bag of tinsel?) Just by looking at their past countries I guess people buy it. Maybe I should start my own business

[I think their strategy is to target non-rich design junkies: "Look, all this amazing design is less than $5,000!" -ed.]

with a bit of an insight I know how much work and money being put into each and every one of these items -- before stating that it's pricey I suggest trying to do very-small-scale imports...:)

It's pretty amazing how much better the Pustefix bubbles are than the cheap Target brand ones. My kids will shake the Target container and then they (I) can't get any bubbles, while the Pustfix seem to still produce. It must be the mixture used for the bubbles. That said, this still seems like a ripoff.

We also have this (I had been looking for it, and then found one abandoned at a playground nearby): Pustefix Bär

but there's also this family friendly Puste-pipe

$9! That's a bit crazy. Now maybe if they were those colored bubbles...

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