June 15, 2007

Let's Go Riding In My Munny Mobile


I was going to ask for some suggestions on how the kid and I should pimp out the Mini Munny Mobile that Kidrobot sent us to try out, but then I saw that they launched a Munny Mobile Custom Car Show contest, where they're giving away $500 Kidrobot gift certificates [and a fresh, blank ride to pimp all over again], and I'm all, "No way, Jose! I'll be seeing YOU in the winner's circle!"

Besides, though some MMM's will come blind-packaged with a spaceship dome and or a rocket nose or whatnot, the demo we got came with the traditional grille and a trailer hitch, so there are really only two ways for us to go with our decorating:

playsam streamliner rally

It's either slick it out and dechrome it, with all the little holes filled in, and glossy lacquer it up like a PlaySam Streamliner Rally. [Actually, it already kind of looks like a matte-finish version of the PlaySam iPod homage, the iCar.]

Or I could break down and obey the relentless toot toot chugga chugga-ing voices in my head already, and slap a red turtleneck on our big-headed friend:

Munny's in the back seat
Playing his guitar
Munny's in the back seat
Of the Big Red Car

You wouldn't want a little kid to play with the Mini Munny Mobile unsupervised; it has small-ish parts--the smallest are probably Munny's detachable arms and the trailer hitch. But it's kind of a joint project anyway, that's the whole point. May the best car win.

The Mini Munny Mobile in white vinyl is $39.95 at Kidrobot stores and online
The submission deadline for photos for the Munny Mobile Custom Car Contest is July 20th. see details. [kidrobot.com]

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