June 14, 2007

It's Already Too Late For The Rabbits: Creative Playthings Noah's Ark Of Death


This Creative Playthings wooden Noah's Ark looks fantastic--unless you're a small, chewing-prone child or a rabbit.

The pieces are all in great shape, but they're smaller than modern safety standards require [as the description says, "...WAY to many 'choking pieces'"]. As for the rabbit, well, with no mate, he appears doomed as well. [Good luck explaining that one to the kid.]

Maybe when the rain stops, Mr. & Mrs. Noah will have him for supper.

Vintage CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS pull toy NOAH's ARK ANIMALS, currently $16.68, shipped [ebay.com]
Previously: Hm, the last one even had two bunnies, yet it went for just 10 bucks.


Also, you gotta check that paint for lead....

[lol on the outside, I was wondering that too... -ed.]

it kills me everytime you post some of these vintage creative playthings toys...i remember having so many of them growing up it's crazy. so bummed my parents sold lots of it at a yard sale. between the creative playthings stuff and our old fisher price castle and sesame street house...bums me out just thinking about not having those for my daughter.

speaking of noah's ark sets, ever notice the current fisher price noah's ark comes with noah, but no mrs. noah? the mom from our fp playhouse is currently having an affair with noah so as to complete the whole two of everything idea of the ark in the first place.

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