June 14, 2007

Dad Headline Roundup: Don't Hold The Train! Edition


  • Brand recall: Holy smokes, 1.5 million Thomas The Tank Engine toys are being recalled for lead paint. Wooden railway stuff sold over the last two years. See the CPSC for details [cpsc.gov, via dt reader john]

  • And the Salary.com survey says: SAHM's work is worth $138,000/year. SAHD's: not so much. $10k less, in fact, which is like 7 percent! How can the National Committee on Pay Equity stay silent in the face of such a blatant case of discrimination?? [reuters and boston.com story on an as-yet-unreleased salary.com study, thanks dt reader sara]

  • The lawsuit had absolutely nothing to do with it: Kellogg's announced they would stop advertising to kids or using licensed characters unless food met certain nutritional guidelines [e.g., no more than 12g sugar per unrealistically small serving] [nyt]
  • In unrelated news, here's the sugar content of some Kellogg's kid foods: Cocoa Krispies: 14g; Frosted Flakes: 11g [hey, kids!] Shrek: 16g [oops, that one's General Mills!] Hot Chocolate Pop Tart: 18g each. Lucky Charms and Fruity Pebbles are both 11g, so 12g's a pretty low bar.
  • Eh, don't watch out for that tree! The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) says kids should be allowed to play games that result in minor injuries. No research behind it, of course, just well-meaning meddling and headline-grabbing ahead of their upcoming convention. [timesonline.co.uk via tmn]

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