June 14, 2007

Male Physiological Changes: What You Didn't Expect When You're Expecting

In Slate, Emily Anthes has a very interesting round-up of research into the physiological, chemical, hormonal, and neuronal changes men undergo during pregnancy and fatherhood. It's interesting, but also short; one of Anthes' main points is how little interest scientists...
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It's Already Too Late For The Rabbits: Creative Playthings Noah's Ark Of Death

This Creative Playthings wooden Noah's Ark looks fantastic--unless you're a small, chewing-prone child or a rabbit. The pieces are all in great shape, but they're smaller than modern safety standards require [as the description says, "...WAY to many 'choking...
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Eindhoven Graduate Gear Lifts, Separates, Carries

A bit of advice: if it's really that cold, maybe the kid should have some socks on. Just saying. Eindhoven Academy Graduation Exhibition 2007, designer unknown [reluct.com]...
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Baby On Board For Now Sign

This seems to be either a Romanian product, or strictly a DIY project. Have at it, send pictures. [pcnet.ro via core77]...
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Are You OK? Rubbernecking The Thomas Train Wreck

Feast your eyes on all the Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway Toys models that were recalled because their paint contains levels of toxic lead, aka the element voted Most Likely To Keep Your Kid Out of Harvard. The recall...
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No Word On X-Ray Glasses, But Comic Book Ad Submarine Didnt' Suck

Like everyone else, I wanted sea monkeys and x-ray goggles. Unlike one guy, though, I was never able to convince my parents to pony up for the crap advertised in comic books. Now it turns out, the $6.98 Polaris...
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Think Of The Children's Furniture! Wright20 June 23 Auction Roundup

The Chicago auction house Wright20 has been a major force in the modern design world since Frank Lloyd's market started picking up. When Andy sent a link to their upcoming modernism sale, I thought there are some interesting vintage pieces...
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Dad Headline Roundup: Don't Hold The Train! Edition

Brand recall: Holy smokes, 1.5 million Thomas The Tank Engine toys are being recalled for lead paint. Wooden railway stuff sold over the last two years. See the CPSC for details [cpsc.gov, via dt reader john] And the Salary.com...
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