June 13, 2007

Design For Kids Smorgasbord At H&G


When I see the glitzy, glamorously-produced kids' design features in the latest edition of House & Garden--and on the H&G website--I feel like a flea market shlub who has a bougainvillea-filled urban entertainment center open across the street.

DT's photos of all those cribs never look as tasty as they do on H&G. That said, while the slideshow of kids' fantasy rooms is some of the sweetest bunkbedporn I've ever seen, there's also some tufted pink and princess canopy bed nonsense that makes me want to spark up the flamethrower. Take it from medium rare to charbroiled. Sheesh.


There are a lot of green, organic, and/or sustainable offerings to check out as well; my favorite is one of the tiniest: Bamboo Dominos from Modern Tots. Very cool.


And while the idea of encouraging a kid to write on the walls makes me wince, I have to say, Wall Candy Arts' adhesive Chalk Dots are pretty sweet. They're at Modernseed.

Design For Kids [houseandgarden.com via grace at design*sponge]

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Nice rooms! Makes me wish I had to space (and time... and money...) to pull some of that off in my house!

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