June 13, 2007

Design For Kids Smorgasbord At H&G

When I see the glitzy, glamorously-produced kids' design features in the latest edition of House & Garden--and on the H&G website--I feel like a flea market shlub who has a bougainvillea-filled urban entertainment center open across the street. DT's...
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Madre De Dios! Is There Really Only ONE Photo Of The Dancing Sperm Children Of San Juan?

Puerto Rico - Gay rights commotion Set the sperm dance kids in motion. Always the leotards showing, Always the civil unions no-ing, And the sermons flowing. Daddy Yankee streaming, And the natives screaming, "This ain't no island Manhattan, Don't...
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Damien Hirst's Caesarean Birth Paintings

Lost in the wilfully delusional hype over the 1,100 carat diamond-and-platinum skull sculpture that Damien Hirst is purporting to sell for $100 million is the rest of his exhibition at White Cube, his longtime gallery in London. The show,...
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