June 12, 2007

Can't Look: Bruno Munari Card Game/Book Things On eBay


D'oh I can't watch. Never mind that they've been in my browser window for three days.

Someone is selling some incredible, scarce game/book things that Bruno Munari did for Danese back in the early 1970's, on eBay, and they're already a fortune. [That's not the real problem, though, which is that I missed the one I really wanted by just a few hours.]

These card-based visual games were designed to trigger kids' imaginations, to enable open-ended storytelling, or to build memory and cognition skills. Plus And Minus [top], for example, is made of various textures, shapes, backgrounds and colors printed on transparent cards. A kid would stack them into various combinations to create scenes or objects for his own story.


Say It With Signs is an exercise in graphic design and abstraction, with multiple variations on basic shapes: a hand, a bird, a shoe, a light bulb, a fish.


My favorite--the one that got away [first]--is Strutture/ Structure, which combines the transparency layers into 3D forms. It went for $222; with a few hours left, the other two games are already in that ballpark, too. I don't know if it's a lot or not, though, because I can't find any comparable examples online anywhere to pricecheck.

Danese Milano Strutture Visual Game~Made in Italy~NIB, sold for $221
Danese Milano Say It By Signs Visual Game ends in 4 hours, and is $240 [update: sold for $304]
Danese Milano Plus and Minus Visual Game ends in 4h15min is $215. [sold for $215, too] [ebay]

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The Enzo Mari fish puzzle for Danese is up for sale right now: ENZO MARI DANESE MILANO Resin Fish Puzzle 1974

[that is so awesome, thanks for the tip -ed]

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