June 12, 2007

Can't Look: Bruno Munari Card Game/Book Things On eBay

D'oh I can't watch. Never mind that they've been in my browser window for three days. Someone is selling some incredible, scarce game/book things that Bruno Munari did for Danese back in the early 1970's, on eBay, and they're...
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Porter x Aprica UN Colabo: Dad-Friendly Baby Gear

Aprica is really on a roll. They've got the Italy thing, and they actually did a colabo [Japlish for cross-brand collaboration, see] with the venerable Yoshida Kaban to create a line of infant carriers, diaper bags, and other gear...
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Be Of Use: Buy Baby, Be Of Use Books

Personally, I think any time's a good time to buy Lisa Brown's Baby, Be Of Use boardbooks. Why waste your baby's precious time teaching him to sit up, when you could be focusing on far more beneficial skills like...
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Urologists Talking Shop, Or, The NY Times Sperm FAQ

Maybe if we didn't have the Yankees-Red Sox playoffs of 2004, men might ramble on about the minutiae of sperm instead. And the result would have been pretty much the same as the NY Times' article. Is that hard to...
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Can't Blog Now; Playdate

All type and no play makes daddy a loser. I'll be back this afternoon...
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Vik Muniz' Picture of Ink Looks Suspiciously Like Mr Rogers

The artist Vik Muniz is known for exploring the nature and techniques of photography and the way society reads and consumes photographic images. He does this by creating photography-inspired images using fleeting, unorthodox materials: chocolate syrup, dirt, paint chips,...
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