June 11, 2007

Parts Is Parts: Piles Of Creative Playthings Vehicles On eBay


Yeah, the purist in me cries a little to see fragments from so many broken up Creative Playthings Playtown sets: there's the boat from a Marina; there's the helicopters from the Air Field. The luggage haulers, too [hey, weren't those missing from the Air Field last week?] There's some gas pumps from the old Playtown parking garage, and on it goes.


But you know what? Fine. Collectors may not be interested in a pile of mismatched wooden cars, but they're all still made in Finland and sport some rocking, modern, imagination-spurring design. You can dump them in a big box, and your kid can play with them to his heart's content. And you won't be sweating that he'll gnaw away the resale value.

Creative Playthings wooden Trucks from FINLAND, ends Jun 14, opening bid $12.88+$7.90 s/h [ebay]
Creative Playthings wooden Planes & trains from FINLAND, ends Jun 14, opening bid $12.88+$7.90 [ebay]

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