June 11, 2007

My First Pride Parade


Jeff writes in,

Chloe marched in her 1st parade at the New Paltz Pride Festival last week. She was a stand-out in a splashy kimono, orange pants, and white beaded necklace. She actually didn't march, she rode on Dad & Daddy's shoulders.
Hmm? what's that? Oh, yes, she is, she's adorable. Sorry, I was just staring at your awesome t-shirt.

Chloe Marches in New Paltz Pride Parade [daddy, dad & chloe]


We took our daughter to the Pride Parade here when she was about half a year old but it was super hot and sunny that day, and there were at least a quarter million people out so negotiating the sidewalks with a stroller was a bit of a pain.

We were out of town last year but we might be around this year... you know, honestly, the topless lesbians and guys in leopard print thongs, I have no problem with her seeing, but I'm at a loss as to how to explain some of the more rare fetish folk it brings out... "Um, they're just playing horsie, honey..."

[I find my impulse to explain was about a year ahead of the kid's impulse to notice/ask. That said, a Stokke Xplory would be perfect for raising your kid up above the throng of thongs and assless chaps. -ed.]

Hey, you're right... let me get out my credit card and... WAITAMINUTE! You almost had me there with your affiliate sales trickery! :)

Actually, I love the Stokke stuff, and the Bugaboo... the problem is for our urban, 99% car-free lifestyle, we need something with a way bigger shopping basket underneath. Our Perego Aria 's meager basket is about as small as I'd want to go...

I'll openly praise the European stroller designs the day they figure out how to put a "Jeep stroller"-like supersize basket on a rig without it looking like, well, a Jeep stroller.

Assless chaps? That's too bad - every boy should have a donkey.

["you see, honey, they don't have a enough donkeys in Canada for everyone to get one." -ed.]

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