June 11, 2007

Let's Stitch Frank! Sew-It-Yourself Toys From Egg Press


Egg Press has released Let's Stitch Frank!, a hand-screened canvas dog kit that's the first in a promised series of sew-it-yourself toys. [Well, the first if you don't count Hoot and Scoot, the other DIY stuffed animals Egg does.] They're very Marilyn Neuhart. Or soft doll Mr. T, but still easy enough for someone whose sewing technique never progressed beyond that paisley applique thing everyone had to make in third grade.


With the "hand-sewn by _____" tag on there, it's safe to say these are better gifts than new-parent projects. [Can you imagine how enticing any new project looks at B+3 sleepless weeks?] Just remember to stuff the toy with something non-chokeable. So pennies and rocks are out.

Do-It-Yourself Kits, $24-26 [eggpress.com via cookie mag's daily finds]
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1 Comment

We got the dog for a crafty six-year-old's birthday. She loved it. And actually made the thing.

And, these have been on clearance at Urban Outfitters for a while. I think we got one for $7.00

[I'm boycotting UO until they honor my repeated requests to unsubscribe me from their daily emails. oy. -ed.]

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