June 11, 2007

Aprica UN Perpapa: Neoprene Carrier Clothing For Dads


You know what I was thinking just the other day? We don't see enough neoprene in the baby world. Especially functional pieces of gear for guys. [I know, I know, the guys at BuiltNY make neoprene bottle carriers and bibs, but they made them for their wives.]

Somewhere in their European design outpost in Milano, however, the Aprica UN team was apparently thinking the same thing. Aprica UN is the Japanese baby giant's high-end, high-design collection [I've also seen it spelled ApricaUN, without the space, which I guess rhymes with leprechaun? Can we get someone from the agency to chime in on this, please?], and it actually has its own boutique on via Montenapoleone. Their website is, awesomely, only in Italian. [Clearly, Aprica's launch of their flagship carseat there almost two years ago was not a one-time PR stunt--after all.]


Now where was I? Right, Perpapa [trans: for dads] hooded neoprene jackets and vests for dads with integrated 3-way infant carriers with a horizontal position for newborns, and forward- and outward-facing positions for kids up to 14.9kg. Unbelievable. The carrier also detaches completely for that pure, bambino-free, neoprene fashion feeling.

aprica_perpapa_vest1.jpg perpapa_vest_closeup.jpg

The only online mention I can find anywhere besides ApricaUN Montenapoleone's own site is their Taiwanese web store. They listed the vest for 8,500 Taiwan dollars, about $US 257. Perpapa was for Automne/Inverno 2006, though, so they're all out. Maybe someone needs to hotfoot it over to the store in Milano and see what the hell is going on with these things.

And if Aprica keeps releasing such mindblowing products without telling anyone in the English-typing world, Daddy Types may have to man a round-the-clock stakeout of the store. I'll take July. Who's got September? [August, the whole freakin' country shuts down, it's the damnedest thing.]

Aprica Montenapoleone 27 > Marsupi > Giacca Perpapa [aprica-montenapo.com]
ApricaUN Perpapa Vest, 8,500TWD - None Available [apricaun.com.tw]


speaking of neoprene baby gear have you checked out the wiegen concept stroller?

[d'oh, you saw right through my naive ruse. I have a takedown coming shortly. -ed.]

With that hood it looks like something Bowie wore in The Man Who Fell to Earth:

But I mean that in a good way.

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