June 11, 2007

Baby Beauty Pageants Ain't Got NOTHIN' On Tensai Electone Shoujo

First off, let me just say what this is: Johnny Depp appeared on a Japanese TV show, where he was serenaded--no, ambushed and stunned into submission--by four little stage-managed girls, ages 4-8, dressed in Pirates of the Caribbean 3...
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Dad's '67 Camaro Not Just Family Car, It's Family

Since he got it at age 14, Ryan Bell's has shared some of the most important milestones of his life with his 1967 Camaro. It was with him as he dragraced his way through high school. He dropped the...
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You Should Buy This Citroen Station Wagon

And then let me live vicariously through you. And then when I can convince the wife of the wisdom of buying yet another Citroen, you should sell it to me. 1971 Citroen Safari wagon - $15000 [losangeles.craigslist.org via jalopnik,...
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Parts Is Parts: Piles Of Creative Playthings Vehicles On eBay

Yeah, the purist in me cries a little to see fragments from so many broken up Creative Playthings Playtown sets: there's the boat from a Marina; there's the helicopters from the Air Field. The luggage haulers, too [hey, weren't...
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My First Pride Parade

Jeff writes in,Chloe marched in her 1st parade at the New Paltz Pride Festival last week. She was a stand-out in a splashy kimono, orange pants, and white beaded necklace. She actually didn't march, she rode on Dad &...
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Heil, Struwwelhitler!

It's funny how your day can take a turn. You go to bed thinking you'll be posting about the coverage of the new Louis Vuitton kid's clothing line in the new Japanese edition of Milk Magazine. And instead, you...
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Let's Stitch Frank! Sew-It-Yourself Toys From Egg Press

Egg Press has released Let's Stitch Frank!, a hand-screened canvas dog kit that's the first in a promised series of sew-it-yourself toys. [Well, the first if you don't count Hoot and Scoot, the other DIY stuffed animals Egg does.]...
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Aprica UN Perpapa: Neoprene Carrier Clothing For Dads

You know what I was thinking just the other day? We don't see enough neoprene in the baby world. Especially functional pieces of gear for guys. [I know, I know, the guys at BuiltNY make neoprene bottle carriers and...
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Family Portrait By Google's Second Most Popular Phil Collins

A friend once wrote of artist Phil Collins' photographs, "his subjects speak volumes without giving too much away." He likes to use his camera as a pretext or catalyst for some kind of social micro-phenomenon. He has filmed auditions...
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