June 8, 2007

Whoa, Stokke Xplory Complete, $450 This Weekend AmEx Wishlist


I've never quite gotten into American Express's My Wishlist program, partly because I'm not a big random impulse shopper. And also, I kind of assumed that offering a small number of products at a HUGE discount was just a ploy to collect new, marketable information about my shopping preferences.

But then I realized, "Hey, AmEx already knows everything I buy anyway, what's the big whoop?" And reading through the program's FAQ, it actually says the program is "our way of saying 'thanks' to our Cardmembers." And what're the odds that they'd datamine you at the very second they're saying "Thanks," right?

And who cares, mine away! They're selling 75 freakin' Stokke Xplory strollers COMPLETE for just $450! Carry cot bassinet and everything. That's $687 off the regular retail price. No manufacturer is looking to generate leads from customers clamoring to spend 40% of MSRP. It's win-win!

The Stokkes will be released in three batches on Sunday, June 10th, at 12PM, 3PM, and 7PM ET. You need to be an AmEx cardholder to buy a product on My Wishlist, and you can log in 30 minutes before the drop. If you're already sold on the Stokke, and your brunch plans are flexible, why not take a run at these rigs? [And if you're a survivor--winner or loser--of an AmEx Wishlist frenzy and can give any tips, insights or warnings about the process, let a noob know.]

35, 25, 15 Stokke Xplory Complete Strollers, Wishlist Price: $450, June 10 [amexnetwork.com via dt reader nicholas]

update: Since he says he's not going after the strollers, DT reader Chris has a few tips for Wishlist Mastery after the jump. Remember, there's a difference between "all items in other members' carts" and "item sold out."

  • Be sure to register your card before any of the release times by using the unlocking step (up to 30 minutes prior). Then keep your card handy.

  • I'd suggest you try for some of the wish certificates (or even the big items - you don't need to actually buy them) between now and when the strollers are released Sunday. The certificates don't cost anything to win and that way you get a feel for the process (especially the all important timing of the mouse click).

  • Even if you click on the button while trying for an item and a message comes up telling you that all items are in other members' carts (which is a strong possibility) keep clicking. Those with the items in their carts have 6 minutes to complete the transactions. Some people like to try for every item just for the thrill of the hunt and will "throw back" the item rather than actually purchasing it. Or else there are those who simply don't complete their purchases it time. The items are then re-released for those members who are still desperately clicking away.

    I've been able to get some things several minutes after the hour because someone somewhere threw it back into the pool.

    At some point a message will appear saying "item sold out" -- at this point the frenzy is over so you can stop clicking.


    Thanks for your post! Someone sent me a link to your site and we were able to secure a stroller! We should get a confirmation tomorrow. Can't wait...

    [sweet, congrats! -ed]

    Yup- we got one too. Just what I need- another stroller (I think this makes 5- that's just what the modern family needs, right?) But I'm "stokked" about it nonetheless...

    Clicking at the very moment the stroller appeared did not get me one... :(

    Thanks for the head's up. My wife and I both tried to no avail, however my mother-in-law was a lucky winner. She was strutting around the rest of the day like she had won the lottery!

    [treat her nice, and she may let you use it. -ed.]

    We won one as well!!! Thanks DT for the heads up!

    I got our in the 2nd round at 3pm ET and missed the first chance but kept clicking away and I guess someone threw it back into the pool and, well their loss is our gain!

    I called Stokke and confirmed that the color is beige w/ no chance for picking another color and that it will arrive by the end of June!!! Can't wait - big surprise for the wife who has been dreaming of one of these for over a year. Now we just have to decide which of the other 4 strollers we currently have will have to be retired/sold. We have a Zapp, Micralite, Icoo Pico 4 and a big StrollAir Driver NV. We love them all!

    Hey, some new news from STOKKE XPLORY -- Stokke Xplory, the highest stroller on the market, will now be available in a new array of colors beginning in October. Joining turquoise, red and black will be orange, olive and a warm cream. The six colors are available in Xplory complete (which includes the carry cot and seat) and Xplory basic, with just the seat. Consumers will also notice that all parts that are used for adjusting the stroller are now in contrasting white, making adjusting and folding the stroller a snap.

    [uh, do you work for Stokke? Because if so, this is a rather odd way for you to be disseminating this information. -ed.]

    any of you guys who bought this and would like to sell it to me? I know, my chances are pretty low, but maybe you are not satisfied!? :-)

    I've got one up for grabs. Brand new beige in color. Email me ASAP if interested. jrex_email.comcast.net

    Wow great deal to bad I'm way late. If anyone still has their Stokke Xplory I am def interested

    :( i missed the great deal!! any of you guys who bought this and would like to sell it to me? I know, my chances are pretty low but please email me at ashimashetty@hotmail.com. thanks alot.

    Unfortunately, I Know that I missed a very great deal. I f someone knows another deals anywhere or wants to by his complete stroller, please just let me know by sending me an e-mail to aziza_o@hotmail.com
    Many thanks

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