June 8, 2007

SeeSaw Bookshelf By BCXSY, Eindhoven

I can't believe great discoveries are still turning up online from the Milan furniture fair; I mean, it's been like, what? A month? Two?

But Mocoloco just posted about the Play! collection of playground- and toy-inspired furniture designs from Eindhoven, NL-based studio BCXSY [known to their mothers as Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto]. I'd seen the sliding puzzle-topped coffee table in a few places, that's just the start.


There's an LED lamp in the shape of a swing [which I hope is a swing with embedded LED's, because whether it's a keg party or a playdate, you just know someone's gonna sit on that thing and try it out.]

My favorite is the See-Saw Book Shelf, though. Made of walnut with powder-coated steel wire bookends along its length, this thing looks smart, fun, and brilliant.

You could use it to stage Kid Brand Whore Smackdowns by loading one side with Dora books, the other with Clifford. Characters with chunky boardbooks will totally dominate the weak, who rely too much on selling flimsy coloring books. It could singlehandedly reorder the Brand Whore Universe. I hope it goes into production soon.

Play! Collection by BCXSY [bcxsy.com via mocoloco]

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