June 7, 2007

Uhh, Shalom?

What the hell is going on in this Israeli Honda Civic commercial? I mean seriously, who's a guy gotta pick up on a decrepit waterfront to get a 5-door Civic in this country?

No, seriously, what is that car?


There happens to be a 5D Civic on the Israeli Honda site. It's very cool, but it doesn't have anything behind the C-pillars at all. [Note: if you don't read Hebrew, the model pulldown is the second red one to the left of the magnifying glass.]


And on Honda's domestic Japanese site, there's a 5-door model called the Edix, which is closer, but the rear side windows are different on that one, too.


Tell you what, you figure out what this car is, and tell me how I can get me one, and I'll make you feel like the Chosen People real good.

{update: that was fast. DT reader Sebastian points us to the Honda FR-V, a 3+3 seat people mover that's been in Europe for a while now. (The Honda France site has better pics, I think) Honda keeps them parked right next to the Accord Tourer wagons, taunting American families with their rakish noses and their stylish, economical unavailability. Khaaan!]

[update update: fast and wrong, sorry, Seb. SmithFrenzy below ID'd the car as the previous generation Civic 5-door. Got pictures and everything. No hookers, though.]

Honda Hooker, dir Shahr Segal [via jalopnik]
Honda 5D [honda.co.il]
Honda Edix [honda.co.jp]


Greg-That is not an FR-V: those are the same as the Edix. I will have to find it on-line, but that car is the last-generation Civic's answer to the Golf Plus. Check back later!

Found it on Yahoo Auctions! Look at the tail light detail and c-pillars.
For sale, used: 2000 Honda Civic 1.5iE
Spec Page:2003/4 Civic 5dr

[yep, that's it. does that mean Israel got rid of their hooker industry in 2004?-ed.]

the translation of the line at the end of the commercial is..." sometimes you forget its a family car"

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