June 7, 2007

Parents.com Servers Not [Yet] Overwhelmed With Demand For Podcast Interview With Daddy Types Blogger

Investigators are still, uh, investigating the cause of last night's server crash that knocked Daddy Types, the weblog for new dads, offline for nearly 13 hours.

Initial speculation focused on whether publisher Greg Allen overloaded the server with his extraordinary self-congratulations and sense of self-satisfaction after being interviewed about at-home dads for Parents.com Podcast Episode 8: All About The Dads. But research of other sites which mentioned the engaging, fascinating, and informative conversation with podcast host Barrie Gillies, including Parents.com and Goodyblog, the effervescent parenting blog the magazine publishes, were operating normally.

Another theory, floated by Daddy Types' web company, involved an error of some kind in the database that serves up the dadblog ads on the site. Perhaps an advertiser with a massive budget was trying to hack into the system and upload large amounts of entertaining and informative content, while simultaneously overloading the DT bank account with money? This theory was dismissed as unrealistic fantasy.


One theory remains to be explored: that recent upticks in parental awareness of and disdain for the amount of character recognition-building merchandise being targeted at infants and small children triggered an War Room Alert at the secret, volcanic headquarters of the Baby Industrial Complex, and operatives were dispatched to takedown the center of the unrest. Barbie's pimp Kenneth "Mod Hair Ken" Handler is being sought for questioning.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Mod Hair Ken, please contact the DT Threat Investigation Team immediately. Meanwhile, did I mention I was in a podcast!?

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