June 5, 2007

Come Along, Children, You Can Shake Your Booties Down On The Creative Playthings Dock.


If you've been looking for just the right Flying Wasp for your kid to christen, hie thee ho, on down to this vintage Playtown Marina from Creative Playthings. Sure, it's a marina, not a yacht club, so there's not actually a sloop, just a little fishing boat and a rowboat. Sort of the Playtown difference between St. Copius of Northern, uh... and Harvard Law.

But there's more than just boats and docks to play with, including a car and a trailer, plus a seaplane, plus that arced, wheelie thing that looks like the long-lost Creative Playthings backrub machine. All in the original 1968 box with a healthy bit of patina.


[Related: if the gransparents would be appalled at the idea of your kid learning about motorboats before sailboats, skip the marina and stick to the immersion therapy of Lois Lenski's The Little Sailboat. A few readings of that each week, and your kid'll grow up wondering why his classmates insist on calling lines "ropes" and starboard "right".]
Creative Playthings Vintage 1968 Toys Car Boat Dock LOT, bidding ends June 9th, currently $15+12.50 s/h [ebay]

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