June 5, 2007

37 Things A Bloke Should Know About Daddying


A couple of weeks ago, the British NHS [no, I don't know what it stands for; probably some raging communist thing] published an 8-page magazine supplement titled, 37 Things Every Man Should Know Before He Becomes A Dad which, in an attempt to relate to its young, slightly skeptical guy constituency, uses every font size in PowerPoint--and the word "blokes."

It starts out a little weak:

4 things never to say to a pregnant woman
1] "Actually, not all men do prefer bigger breasts."
2] "Why are you crying? It's only a Daz advert."
3] "Are your ankles supposed to look like that?"
4] £350 for a pushchair?"
I had to look up Daz. Once I found it, I had to admit, Right Said Fred makes me cry, too--but it picks up PDQ.

The definition of "episiotomy" ends with "Aren't you glad to be a man?" [Why, because they slice up your genitalia when you're too young to realize it?] The "Never, ever get a hangover" tip sounds pretty helpful. But for concrete advice you can use right away, nothing tops #18: "Pregnant women are a bit vague."

Your tax pounds at work, guvnuh!

37 Things Every Man Should Know Before He Becomes A Dad [pdf via fathersdirect.com]
Press release:
New NHS magazine for fathers-to-be [fathersdirect.com]


NHS-National Health Service

Yep, it is the National health service


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