June 4, 2007

TMN: Baby Drop-Off For Readers?

Jessica Francis Kane has an idea to help readers-turned-parents get back their reading time: IKEA-style, supervised kidcheck playrooms at bookstores or libraries.

Little does JFK know that for every parent scheming for more reading opportunities, there are a hundred freelance drifters and bookstore employees who are scheming to rid their local Barnes & Noble of strollers altogether.

Room To Read: A Modest Proposal [tmn]

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I would love to have some reading time to myself, for sure, but doubt the feasibility of such a thing. Sadly, it's especially unlikely at a library. I love our public libraries but I rarely take my daughter to the big one downtown since it is apparently where all the indigent drug users hang out. And they probably need the reading time to themselves even more than I do...

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