June 4, 2007

Silicon Valley Nerdsery Includes Cray Supercomputer


It's nice when a plan comes together. Paul & Pam Costa of Silicon Valley somewhere were having a boy and thought they'd name him Edison, so they cooked up an Edison theme for his nursery.

Though some even bigger nerds on Gizmodo say they should've named the kid Nikola and done a Tesla-themed, and though the filmmaking purist in me wants to see some twins named Auguste & Louis kicking back in their Lumiere nursery, you gotta admit, this is at least 256Mb of awesomeness.

The ingredients:

  • some modern-style Nurseryworks gear [they live in a pretty clean Eichler]
  • a lot of Pyrex, for decoration
  • a chalkboard with the chemical formulas for poo and pee, for tallying diapers
  • a Thomas Edison poster from the Mac "Think Different" campaign [Paul also plays Segway Polo with Woz]
  • a $5 million Cray Y-MP supercomputer they picked up at a local yard sale, to provide colorful seating.

    Say what?? And they didn't call him Seymour?


    Edison's Nursery
    [mac.com, via gizmodo, thanks dt reader antoine]
    Cray Y-MP: 167MHz, 512Mb SRAM, 256Mb-4Gb storage [wikipedia]
    Nurseryworks crib and changing table are available at DT advertiser Sparkability [sparkability.net]

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    Nothing says "safe" like 20 pounds of pyrex perched above your baby's head while riding a faultline!

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