June 4, 2007

It's My Sperm In A Box! Male At-Home Fertility Test Goes On Sale In US


The Fertell male fertility test popped up around here last year when it was introduced in the UK. While its innovative adaptation of clinically proven sperm motility testing to a self-administered, at-home setting is laudable, especially because men are apparently/supposedly less likely to go for fertility screening, the Fertell was most memorable for looking like it came [sic] from Fisher-Price.

Now after receiving FDA approval, the test goes on sale in the US today. It's packaged rather smartly as a set, one part of "the first at-home fertility screening test for couples."

The Fertell US site has an informative demo video [SFW, but there is narration] that explains how the test works:

  • avoid producing a Semen Sample for 2-7 days [suggested discussion topics: Rudy Giuliani's credibility on national security issues in light of his sponsorship of Bernard Kerik as Homeland Security Chief; the Utah Jazz in the playoffs; LOLCATS].
    produce a Semen Sample.
  • put it in the Collection Container [below].


  • push the blue button to release hyaluronic acid, which simulates cervical mucous, into the Sperm Swim-Up Chamber.
  • Wait as the motile sperm swim through the Valve, are tagged red via anti-body reaction and tallied [below].


  • If the density of your progressively motile sperm, or PMS [heh], exceeds the WHO guideline of 10 million PMS/ml, you're good to go; get back to work. ["The male is advised to continue the process of trying to conceive, within current clinical standards."] If not, you're good to go to the doctor for consultation. Turns out men are just as likely as women to have the fertility problem.

    The Fertell At-Home Fertility Test is $100, not including drinks and dinner.
    Fertell US site [fertell.com]
    At-Home Fertility Screening Available for Men [nyt]


    You. Totally. Crack. Me. Up.

    The Bukkit made me snort out loud.

    OMG...I, too, snorted at the bukkit photo!

    HAHAHA i am so forwarding this page!

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